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Kick ass day!! - Buxom and beautifull

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August 5th, 2004

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07:18 pm - Kick ass day!!

Today was just an awesome day. I woke up and my muscles were sore. That put an immediate smile on my face because a little muscle soreness means I am doing something right! *grins*  I got dressed and headed to the gym. I drop my hubby off at base at 7 30 then head to the base gym.  I did my work on the ellyptical and did a nice cross training session, making sure to really monitor my heart rate so that it stayed inthe cardio realm and did not drop into or above the range. I then went on the bike for 15 minutes and got my legs good and tired. I felt energized!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I did my bowflex routine and gave myself a little more weight. Five pounds more for each arm this time, and it felt alright.  I will stay at this weight for at least a month.

   I left and went home and checked my mail. My hubby got let out early so I went to pick him up and we had a nice aftenoon together. He has noticed that my mnood swings have gotten better since I have been working out.  I was so happy and energized today. Even though I know I do not look any better, I FEEL better and that is oh so more important. My moods are calm, my heart is calm, and I feel ready for anything. I EVEN WENT Swimming at the pool today and did not care about it...*grins*.. Working out is so good for keeping me happy. I am addicted.

Food for today

Whey protien shake for breaky.

small whole wheat tortilla with a slice of cheeze melted for snack

Slice of cold pizza for lunch

California rolls for dinner ( mmm sushi)

Night snack in a2 hours...Handfull of frozen grapes or 2-3 garlicky pickles.

I am not craving anything right now...let me see how i hold up later tonight.

I am just really excited about it this time. I have ried dieting and excercise so many times and failed. On for two weeks, off for a month...I just want it more now. I cannot explain it. I just want to be god to my body.  I feel like I have been self destructive enough and I deserve to let myself live up to my full potential.  I guess I just feel worth it at the moment and I hope that feeling lasts, because when it leaes I tend to just hide away.

Hope everyone else had a productive excercise and diet day!!!

Current Mood: energeticenergetic
Current Music: BNL- for you

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