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I'm new here, and actually, with this whole weight loss thing.… - Buxom and beautifull

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April 24th, 2006

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10:16 pm

I'm new here, and actually, with this whole weight loss thing.

Here's the stats.

Name: Mary
Age: 16
Height: 5'8
Highest Weight: 190
Lowest Weight: 140
Current Weight: 190
Short Term Goal: 170
Desired Weight: 140

I've known for awhile that I need to lose weight, but, I love chocolate & blueberry waffles more than I do apples.
So, that never really got anywhere. And I'm never happy. So, I wanna change.

But, about a week ago I vowed to myself to lose weight.
And, I need some support, instead of hearing the same "You don't need to lose weight, you're perfect!" stuff from everyone.
& this seemed like a nice support community.

I need help with an exercise plan.
spring is coming, and the weather around here has gotten pleasent, I
was thinking maybe I'll start walking home from school a few times a
week with a friend of mine.
What else can I do, using what I have? Which would be a set of three pound weights. :-X

Today I Ate
Breakfast - 3/4 a cup of Special K, with 1% milk, and about half a cup of concentrated apple juice.
Snack - Cup O' Noodles.
- A salad (lettuce, onion, a sprinkling of chedder cheese) with two
teaspons of Itialian dressing, 1% milk, & an apple.
Dinner - Five chocolate chip pancakes bigger than my palm (I know. I messed up.), cup of whole milk.
Snack - Apple, cup of whole milk.

So...is that okay besides the dinner screw up?

I joined another community, but it's pretty crowded, & I found this, a small community that actually updates, & thought maybe you'd be more help to me...support wise, and such.

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