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Buxom and beautifull

Support for healthy dieting and weight loss

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Hey everyone! I started this community so that girls/women would have a place to talk about losing weight in a healthy manor while having a support team to keep them on track with their goals. I am appalled by the amount of communities that are pro-eating disorders. I do not judge those people but I know that becoming anorexic or bulimic is not the correct way to lose weight nor does it promote a positive self image. Everyday we are force fed that skinny is perfection. That being sleek is something to strive for. Those of us who are a little to a lot overweight know that this is not a fat friendly world. I do not buy into the thin craze. I know that it is okay not to have your hip bones protruding from your body and I do not find it sexy either. I also do not believe in diet pills or lose weight quick schemes. Those schemes are fine for people that need to lose some vanity pounds but for me and others like me who have long term goals we need to find a healthy alternative to the latest trends out there. I know it is easier with support so I started this community in hopes that other people will find it and join it. Please use this as a place to talk about your success or vent about trouble with keeping with it. Help each other stay positive and respect each others posts and comments.